The idea of establishing a Sons of Confederate Veterans Camp in the Delta came from Thomas L. McCaskill and Kendall Payne. Through their efforts, a group of men with the common interest of  honoring their Confederate Ancestors began meeting at Melton's Steak House in Indianola, MS in February of 1993. As interest grew, our need for a larger meeting place necessitated our move to the Fellowship Hall of the First Presbyterian Church in Indianola, MS.  By March 1993, we applied for a Charter in the Sons of Confederate Veterans with 24 potential members. The Camp was chartered by theMississippi Division and the International Headquarters on March 25, 1993,  and the Charter Ceremony took place at our Camp meeting on May 10, 1993.  Lamar Roberts, MS Division Commander, conducted the ceremony. The Camp was named for Brig. Gen. Benjamin Grubb Humphreys, a Delta Planter, General in the Army of Northern Virginia, and post-war Governor of Mississippi.  Twenty-seven men were inducted into the SCV that night.  The Camp's first officers were: Kendall A. Payne; Commander, J. Henry McCabe; 1st Lt. Commander,Thomas L. McCaskill; 2nd Lt. Commander, David Williford; Adjutant / Treasurer, Oliver L. McCaskill; Quartermaster, and P. Dewayne Fox; Color Sergeant.
      From its inception, Camp #1625 has steadily grown in membership to a current level of sixty-eight members. Over the years, one hundred six men have passed through our Camp.  Most of the members we have lost moved from this area of the state, several transferred to other camps, and a few have lost interest.  Death has taken seven of our members from us.  Our past Camp Commanders are Kendall Payne of Jackson,  Ricky Palmertree of  Greenwood, Jack Ditto of Greenwood, Larry A. McCluney, Jr. (1998-2000) of Greenwood, and Earl M. McCown, Jr. (2000-2002, 2004-2006) of Cleveland, Alan R. Palmer (2002-2004) of Drew, Dan McCaskill (2006-2008 and 2008-2010) of Leland, and Claude Stillman (2010-2012) of Leland. 
      As our size grew, so did our scope. During the years, we have established the Ella Palmer Chapter #9 of the Order of Confederate Rose, the Camp's CS Marine Corps Color Guard Unit, the Brig. Gen. Charles Clark Chapter #253 of the Military Order of the Stars and Bars.  As the Color Guard grew, it evolved into a Marine / 30th MS Inf re-enacting unit. We celebrate the the birthdays of Generals Lee and Jackson with an annual banquet in their honor held every January.  In April, we hold Confederate Memorial Services at Greenville City Cemetery to commemorate the service and sacrifice of all Confederate Veterans.  The Truth is being spread by members at schools and local events, and with continued diligent work the Truth will prevail.
     With growth also came recognition: 
     The camp also won the 2004 MS Division Camp of the Year Award, the Scrapbook Award (2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2010, and 2012) and the National Scrapbook Award (2004, 2005, and 2007), Dan McCaskill won the 2004 MS Division Compatriot of the Year Award, and Larry McCluney won the 2004 MS Division Brigade Commander of the Year Award and the 2007 MS Division Compatriot of the Year Award, Pierre Westbrook (2008) and Nathan Bedford Forrest McCaskill (2010) won the Young Compatriot of the Year award, Earl McCown won the Joe Shelby Award from the Arkansas Division (2011), and W.A. Burton won the MS Division Graves Award and the National Father Abraham Ryans Graves Award (2012); Mississippi Division Lifetime Achievement Award - Dan McCaskill (2017); Mississippi Division Publication Award - Larry McCluney, Jr for The Yazoo Pass Expedition: A Union Thrust into the Delta (2017) and On to Vicksburg! The Mississippi Central Railroad Campaign (2019); The General Albert Sidney Johnston National Award - Larry McCluney (2018); MS Division Newsletter Award (2019)

                                                                Deo Vindice
A Brief History of the 
Brig/Gen Benjamin G. Humphreys Camp #1625