About Brig/General Benjamin G. Humphreys Camp #1625

Welcome to the 
Brig/Gen Benjamin G. Humphreys Camp #1625
Indianola, MS . . . Established March 1993  

"It is my philosophy that though the South lost all but honor to save that honor, 
it was better to have fought and lost than not to fight at all."  
  ----- Brig/Gen Benjamin G. Humphreys 
Camp Officers - 2022-2024

Commander - Larry McCluney
Lt. Commander - Michael Anthony
Adjutant - Dan McCaskill
Color-Sgt. - Earl Allen
Camp Chaplin - Earl McCown
Our Camp meets every 2nd Saturday of the month at 6:00 PM. Everyone is welcomed to this family friendly event. Use the Map tool on the left for directions.  

Address: First Presbyterian Church 311 Catchings St. Indianola, MS 38751